Podcast Launch Spring 2019

Any endeavor of high worth takes lots of hard work, implementation and time. Most of the time when we hear of overnight successes, delving into the backstory reveals that the “overnight” success was the result of many years of work. It is just that when it pays off, and things click the results are exhilarated, and the impression to onlookers is that the success was ‘overnight.’

So, too is it the case with the entertainment business. While some are fortunate enough to hit or click right out the gate, that is indeed the minority. So, too is the case of getting The Hollywoodland podcast launched.

After having my screenplay “Prying Eyes” selected by the Beverly Hills Film Festival I was able to attend the festival for its full duration. It was a wonderful experience that brought me the opportunity to interact with other like-minded creatives.

I now have the opportunity to attend the American Film Market, one of the largest “trade shows” of the independent film industry.

In addition, I am working on the beginning steps of launching the 10K Film Project. A project that I hope to make a yearly event that will showcase and bring to the screen an up and coming filmmaker, director, and actors together in a studio class film with a budget no larger than ten thousand dollars.

With all this, it looks like the podcast launch will be pushed back to the spring of 2019.  As with the film festival, these other endeavors are helping me to formulate what kind of content, experiences, and going-on in the business that will make the Hollywoodland podcast as useful and interesting to the broadest audience as possible of those that love the creative arts.

As always if anyone has any ideas on the 10K Film Project idea or The Hollywoodland Podcast, please get in touch. If you’re going to be attending the AFM drop me a note so we can connect. Alternatively, if you want to follow the progress of either join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Stay tuned…