The Line in the Sand

2018 American Film market

For many years now in casual conversations with people, I have talked about my theory. I call it the line in the sand theory in regard to acting and the entertainment business in general.

You see there is this line in the sand. When you’re on one side of the line, you are a wannabe, a goofball, untalented, and a schmuck. When you are on the other side of the line, you are brilliant, funny, super talented and special.

The funny thing about this line in the sand is that the person was actually the same person on both sides of the line. It’s just there was some event that changed the perception of everyone around them.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that just anyone can cross that line. You do have to have it, whatever it might be. The it could be the fact the people like to see you on screen, whether on TV or in movies, it could be an ability to tell stories in an engaging way and lay them out on paper, it could also be the gut level feeling of what works and what doesn’t. Or in the best of worlds, it could be the mysterious “It” factor that some people either have or don’t have.

What I am saying is that people that do cross that line are the same person that they were before that perception changed. The same person at their core.

So, why does this matter? As I always say the creative arts are a tough business. If there is anything else in life you can do that will make you happy do it. However, if there is not, you need to keep looking for that one thing or series of things that will put you on the other side of the line. That will change the perception of everyone around you.

This year I will be attending the American Film Market. One of the largest “Trade Shows” of independent film producers, distributors, sales agents, and service providers for the independent film community put on each year by The Independent Film & Television Alliance.

This is my personal next step in looking for that event or series of events that will put me over that line. I am sure that many people there are in the same position although at different levels of that process.

When I get back, I will let you know how it went.

Acting – How Bad Do You Want It?


I used to tell people that you have to love acting so much that you would be willing to pursue it your entire life, giving up much of everything else that most people consider normal life to pursue it. And that you could be happy even if you never made it just knowing that you gave it everything you had because it’s the only thing that would ever make you happy, even if you ended up old and broke.

That concept gets a lot harder to reconcile the older you get that I can tell you.

And within that framework, there are some factors beyond your control. For myself, for instance, the reality of my age means I cannot have the career that I thought possible 20 years ago. But within that framework of what you love, you can still achieve your goal to be in the ballpark of what makes you happy.

That is I think; I’m still not there so I cannot say that unequivocally.

Acting – When It’s Not So Easy

Unless you are fortunate enough to hit it right away, have family connections, or have a trust fund, pursuing the creative arts can be one of the most challenging things you can do in life.

Most come to “Hollywood” with big dreams, and the majority never make it, eventually moving on the “regular” life. For those that can’t move on to regular life and stick with it to the end, win or lose, it can be quite taxing.

This is one of the reasons I am starting The Hollywoodland Podcast. To explore the stories of people that stuck to it and overcame the obstacles.

I very much look forward to bringing those stories to you. In addition to the day to day stories of those that have passed that hump long ago.

However, I am also one that has my own personal aspirations.

In the next few weeks, I am considering taking on a project that may delay the launch of the podcast. If I do, I will definitely use the project experience to add to the podcast mission.

I will keep everyone informed of the decision and the project if I move forward with it.

Stay Tuned!