Welcome To The HL Podcast

Welcome to the HL Podcast. Please join us on this journey.

To learn about why we started this endeavor please check out our about page.

This podcast is about the film and television business for those that are in it or have a desire to be in it.

So many people only think of our business in the terms of stars. And yes stars are a large part of what drives the business.

Because in the end show-business is a business. Without the success of making money just like any other business, it could not survive.

But our business involves so many other hard working people and so many other components that most people never think of.

From the transportation department, set builders, grips, costume designers, hair and make-up professionals, the list goes on and on. It provides tons of very good paying jobs.

But more than just well-paid workers, it involves a lot of dedication and hard work to create the stories that move us and the entertainment that helps us take a break from the real world.

From the first moment that the words are put down on a page, to the casting director that works to provide the right people to make it come alive. The director who inspires the perfect performance, to the editor who delivers the perfect cut. It is the culmination of so many people with all the same goal.

Telling The Stories Behind The Stories

That is what our aim is with the HL Podcast. The delve into the stories of those that strive to deliver the final story to the world.

Actors, writers, directors, casting directors, producers, financiers, studio personnel, filmmakers, these are the people that we will talk to so we can bring you a view from the inside.

If you have a story to tell or know someone who does please contact us, as we look at this endeavor as a community effort.



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